“WOW… What a way to wake up this morning!! Just realised I am one of 10 finalists!! Thank you Jamie that in itself is just a magic way to start my day.

I wasn’t going to enter this competition but did so at the last minute. We all have our story and its 100% to us. I feel so blessed, I wish all the finalists the very best.

The reason why I entered this competition is because I am building my first ever business and its really hectic somedays, well most days lately. It’s my first real honest way of living, after years and years of drug addiction and the lifestyle that comes with it. After years of putting off ordering the Homestudy system, I finally did so on 3rd April 09; on 12th June 09 I registered by business name. If it wasn’t for Jamie then who knows where I would be today, probably still running away from life.

I am giving more each day instead of taking and each day is a mindset change.

I have a huge opportunity with my business; I think I’m going ok with it so far. There is a 2 year window with my business and I would really appreciate time with Jamie to help me with some things.

I’m not really sure what else to say, if you do vote for me I thank you very much.

I would love to sit with Jamie and share my vision ” FROM DRUG ADDICT TO MILLIONAIRE IN LESS THAN 5 YEARS!”

There is a huge problem in our society with drugs, maybe my story, my journey can help others just like Jamie has and continues to help thousands of people across the world.

Thank you again for this amazing opportunity Jamie, good luck to everyone…

Have a magic day X”

-Leah Richards

“Hello Jamie & all at 21st Century,

I want to say thank you for the education we have received which has enabled us to move forward, particularly in these challenging financial times.

I am 53 & my husband 55. He runs a small building co and I teach.  We have had our own super for 10 yrs and have been investing for 15 years at least.

With Jamie’s teaching & exposure to companies with a higher level of investment than our previous investment education/advisor company, we have taken our cash out of managed funds & confidently invested them longer term in protected stocks via JB Global.  We are also currently working with Kinetics to create cash flow & still learning.

We have also purchased two new properties in the past year thro’ our own equity and  inspired by Jamie’s first book & by Mark Rolton’s programme(which we bought). One we will add value to by using ideas from Property Options(even tho we purchased it). The property next door will be optioned & both to be rezoned into commercial.

We have put a lot of effort into building our super during the past 10 years and the education & inspiration we have from being a 21st Century member ensures we can confidently continue to build on that. Yes, we have lost upside in the current situation but thankfully no capital. We moved quickly and were able to re-invest well thanks to the info yr company has provided us with.

Those of us who come from a heritage of working class families(rather than wealthy investor families) are pioneers for our age group.  Our parents simply collect or did collect the govt pension. We can learn little from them. It is a challenge for us to invest for the long term and we appreciate what Jamie is doing to make seemingly sophisticated investment accessible to us.

With this knowledge and persistence, we expect to have a great financial future( we could retire now with a modest income but are not ready). We expect that we can use what we will learn over the next few  years to continue to generate income as our working years ease.

I am so glad we are with 21st Century in light of the massive financial crisis. I feel we know where we are going and have control of our financial future.

Please make sure you pass this on to Jamie.  He seems to be like me in the sense that it is important to know that the work he does makes a difference for people.

Please feel free to use all or part of this as a recommendation.

My best regards,”

– Carol Newton

“Hi Jamie, It has been a year and half since we purchased  your home study.  When we watched the free DVD we were convinced that something needed to change in our lives and even though it seemed like a lot of money to spend at the time we thought doing nothing would cost us a lot more in the long run. Even though it was a struggle to pay for the home study it was the best money we have ever spent (EVER).  We attended the four day seminar in November 2008 at Gold Coast – since then our lives have totally changed. There has been so many opportunities open to us that we didn’t even know existed. One of our biggest goals was to retire from a J.O.B. (Just On Broke). At age 28 and after a year and half of purchasing your home study we have both sacked our employees and have retired from a job!!!  WOOO HOOO!!!!! I would not hesitate to recommend anyone purchase your home study – it has been the best investment we have made!!!  I wanted to send this letter to say THANK YOU!!!!! If it wasn’t for you wanting to help others this would not be possible. You are one incredible person to dedicate your time to help other achieve their goals and to make the impossible possible. Words can’t describe the gratitude and appreciation we both feel towards what you have given to us.  Thank you!!!!”

– Dennis and Juliet

“I have a close friend who works within your group of companies and found your story to be absolutely exceptional. Your advice led to my brother and I becoming budding property investors in Clayfield, Brisbane within a very short time – many thanks! Without a doubt your story makes me ‘know’ that nothing is impossible with hard work – as I’m sure many others have told you. And your example has inspired me to clearly understand that what appears somewhat impossible to many is merely a mindset – thank you. Additionally, I would like to say thank you for your massive contribution to Australian society.”

-James Kalnins

“Jamie is the only speaker in Australia that can speak on creating wealth in property, the stock market, business and internet business”. Many can specialize in one discipline, but only a true financial master can create wealth from many disciplines.”

– Wealth Creator Magazine

“If you are looking to accelerate your fnancial results and create an extraordinary quality of life – then this book is for you! It is a must-read for anyone wanting to excel and expand their knowledge. Jamie McIntyre is one of Australia’s most forward thinking educators and a fantastic teacher!”

– Dale Beaumont, Creator of the Secrets Exposed Series

“Dear Customer Service,

This is probably where alot of people might start complaining or queriing the amount they have to pay. Well this is not one of those emails, I would like to gladly pay you this months installment and look forward to paying all future installments as this has been by far the best money I have ever spent in my life. To Jamie and all of you at 21st CA [21st Century Academy] I say thank you, my life has changed for the better beyond belief (and its only been a month) not just financially but also emotionally and spiritually. I send you this money with many blessings and great thanks and look forward to meeting you all soon when I am speaking at one of Jamie’s seminars.”

– Love and Light Daniel

“Chris started as a 21st Century Member in 2001, and took massive action with share renting and selling insurance strategies he learnt and one week made as much as $87,000. This enabled him to focus on his passion of building cars. He had a premonition before the stock market crash in 2007 to get out of the share market before it crashed and moved into other strategies such as learning about Property Options from one of 21st Centurys speakers and internet marketing and decided to retire as a share investor from his success.”

– Chris Karamoshos

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