Does Jamie McIntyre and 21st Century Academy Actually Make Millionaires?

In the world of high-powered finance, stock trading, and investments, there is an upper echelon that seems completely out of reach to average people.  You might have heard about Jamie McIntyre before, and seen some of his “big claims”, but does Jamie McIntyre and his company 21st Century Academy actually make millionaires?

Everyone will agree financial literacy isn’t taught at school to the level that it should be. So when it comes to becoming wealthy, or making money in this big world of investing, it’s no wonder that things seem complicated.  These high-powered firms with teams of crazed, money hungry brokers, traders and advisors seem like a bit too much of a cock fight to enter the world of making money for the average person. It’s better to sit on the sidelines and “let the professionals” handle your money right? -wrong.

Unfortunately, with increasing taxes, longer working hours, and the continual stretch of bad politician one after the other, Australians seem to be doing a little tough, and it’s no wonder that they get sick of their day job and want to become financially free. So when you browse the internet and come across something that might be hope, you’d want to look into it a little further right?

Obviously you’ve heard of Jamie McIntyre before, and you might have even heard that he has taught people financial skills that has led them to becoming millionaires, but is this really true?

The history of Jamie McIntyre, is that in a mere five years time, he went from a broke man in his mid-20s to a self-made millionaire, and since then he has been learning from some of the brightest minds in the world, and passing that knowledge onto the average rank-and-file through 21st Century Academy.

Among these luminaries is self-help guru Tony Robbins, perhaps most famous for his book Unlimited Power or Awaken the Giant Within.  And, of great interest to potential investors, is his meeting and interview Sir Richard Branson, the head of the Virgin Group.

But, learning about the world and how to create one’s own fortune requires more than just motivational and financial advice.  One can also learn from such men as General Norman Schwarzkopf, the leader of the coalition forces during Desert Storm in the early 1990s.  And, FW De Klerk, the former South African President who helped stamp out Apartheid in that country and released Nelson Mandela from his imprisonment.

So what does this list have to do with Jamie McIntyre teaching people to become millionaires?  Simply put, if you want to be the best, learn from the best.

Of course, it’s pretty hard for the average person to just show up on Richard Branson’s doorstep and get financial advice. you’ve got to get past the security gates, the raging dobermans and then you’ve got to convince him why little old you should take up his time. For this exact reason Jamie McIntyre and his company, 21st Century Academy, set about spreading the information to anybody who wanted it through their intensive training programs.

21st Century Academy is, quite literally, in the business of creating millionaires.  In addition to Jamie McIntyre, the Academy is staffed by over 20 other financial luminaries who will share their insight with those who have yet to attain their goals in terms of income and investments.  The combined experiences of these instructors, Jamie McIntyre, and all of the people that Jamie ahs learned from represents a unique gathering of knowledge that one would be hard pressed to outdo.

Ok, Ok, so you might not ACTUALLY want to become a millionaire… Fine. At the least, you can take a percentage of what’s required and set yourself up comfortably, so that you don’t have to be a modern day slave to the bank and/or your employer.

Becoming a self-made millionaire is not impossible, as evidenced by the results and many testimonials that Jamie McIntyre and 21st Century Academy have had over the years. The fact that you can find such people the world over shows that it is possible. That’s not to say that it’s easy, but with the help of Jamie McIntyre and the combined knowledge of the 21st Century Academy, you’ll have a huge head start.

I can imagine that you’d be a little skeptical about paying for a course when it comes to making money. Sure, there is a lot of poor quality material out there. The good news is that you don’t actually have to risk anything at all to find out…

Why don’t you have to risk anything to find out what Jamie McIntyre’s Homestudy membership is about?

Simple. Because to further his vision to provide a modern day education for everyone, Jamie McIntyre has recently launched a scholarship program, meaning you’ll get his $4,995 membership for FREE.

Try it out yourself and you be the judge:

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