Getting To Know Jamie McIntyre

You will no doubt have heard about Jamie Mcintyre, whose name is often spoken of in the same breath as others who have used the power of business, knowledge, the internet, technology and other things to make themselves self -made millionaires. But what is that makes Jamie McIntyre really stand out?

Jamie McIntyre is a sought after Success Coach who is making waves in Australia and internationally by helping other people improve their lives. He has traveled all around the world and has met and has learned from some of the most successful people in the planet. Among these great teachers and leaders are Richard Branson (Virgin Group), Anthony Robbins (Unlimited Power), Jay Abrahams (Consultant for Fortune 500 Marketing), Robert Kiyosaki (Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad) and other world leaders including the former South African President FW De Klerk.

Jamie McIntyre made his first million when he was in his twenties. He is known not only as an entrepreneur, but an investor, gifted public speaker and author as well. He is the founder of the 21st Century Group of Companies, which include e-Minis Global, 21st Century, 21st Century Finance and the education organization 21st Century Academy. This education organization has made it possible for Australians and New Zealanders to receive valuable and useful 21st Century education.

Jamie McIntyre, along with other educators, provides people with information that will help them improve their financial and personal lives. Jamie McIntyre is passionate and determined to teach anyone about financial independence – anyone. And he does this through the 21st Century education.

Jamie McIntyre created 21st century Education in the hope of bringing real life and practical education to learners who are self-directed. This is a holistic educational program that has operated for ten years already, growing from a simple one-stop shop that had lessons on financial and personal empowerment to a huge educational organization. It has now helped more than 250,000 people all over the world.

21st century Education now operates under four divisions: Seminars, Memberships, Services and Training Education. It now currently employs over ninety people, and is one of the largest Financial and Personal Education Service Groups in the world.

Jaime McIntyre is also an authorized representative of the Romad Financial Services, having been certified by the company as qualified in the areas of managed investment products, derivatives and securities.

Jamie McIntyre provides general advices and services in dealing for Deposit Products, Derivatives, Managed Investment and Securities.

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    Hi Jamie, would love to connect with you and see if you can coach my team as a guest speaker.

    Look forward to connecting with you soon,

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