Facts verse Fiction regarding Jamie McIntyre and the Exposed Hate Site

We have asked 21st Century Education for their comments regarding the hate site about Jamie McIntyre so that we could hear their side of the story and to highlight what we expected is a smear campaign being  run by one of Australia’s most well known consumer advocates and some ex employees of 21st Century let go for non performance.

Should individuals, celebrities, entrepreneurs, everyday people and companies have to defend themselves against internet trolls and cyber bullies or in some cases those trying to profit from posting false and malicious content online?  It appears so as many people tend to believe everything that is written especially the bad.

Some  marketing experts say you haven’t made it until you have a hate site about you.

New York Times Best Selling Author of 4 hour Work Week and 4 hour Body Tim Ferris jokes he has haters in 35 languages, (the number of languages his books have been translated into).

Oprah Winfrey was lamenting recently about the horrible negative things people posted online about her and wouldn’t it be great to find our who these anonymous cowards are and knock on their door and say “if you have something to say why don’t you say it to my face?”

The point is the internet has brought  us freedom of speech and given ability for almost anyone to have a voice which, sadly has seen the rise of internet trolls, cyber bullies, haters and the consumer warning scammers who run sites to extort money from defaming people or companies.

The unfortunate thing is people who are a force for good, with growing profiles or larger databases of followers are often prime targets.

Jamie McIntyre is one individual who has been targeted by internet trolls and online scammers but decided to take a stand against them. He also decided to sue Google for allowing google Adwords to run ads to a hate site about him and he won a landmark case in the Queensland Supreme Court. It was found that Google had a commercial relationship with the defaming individual who was paying google to run advertisements.

Facts verse Fiction spread by the hate site.

We’ve decided to list the following facts so those who care about the truth are not misled by a hate site on jamie mcintyre exposed.

This site claims to be protecting consumers against Jamie McIntyre’s alleged victims which, is often the type of site used by consumer scam artists who extort money to have defaming and false articles removed.

This site takes a lot of info from such a site www.ozripoff.com.au which is a well known con site run out of the Gold Coast that extorts money from companies and individuals by claiming to “only take money to investigate comments posted on its site”; this is a site designed to attract complaining customers, or in many cases, fake customer complainants, or from ex employees of companies or anyone with a grudge to bear to openly defame people or companies.

Such claims being made against Jamie McIntyre by so called victims are:

People have lost thousands of dollars and its a scam.


Even though Jamie McIntyre is qualified to give financial advice the fact is he has never told a single person from stage or otherwise, for the entirety of his 15 year career as an educator, to buy a specific stock on the share market or invest in any specific investment.

Therefore if anyone claiming to be a victim and  has lost money from investing  must have made a decision at some stage to transfer money from their own account and make a specific investment like buying a stock in a company or a currency etc..and lost money by themselves. Naturally though people wish to blame others for their decisions when things don’t work out as they hoped but when things do work out they do love to take all the credit.

Jamie states time and time again that financial education does not guarantee success, it simply increases one chances. So why blame someone, especially in 99% of cases these haters have never even met Jamie but were simply provided a valuable 21st Century Education via DVDs , manuals and live seminars with a generous 100% money back guarantee.

Most of these online complaints are  from people that have never even met Jamie McIntyre but somehow he is to blame for their investment decisions. He is the face of a group of companies, some he has no involvement in the management of yet if a client purchases a course run usually by contracted professionals, but doesn’t even show up for class, acts on little knowledge in contradiction to what the course says and loses money then Jamie McIntyre is somehow to blame.

This needs to be put in perspective though.

Every company has some complaints. Even great companies like Apple, Virgin or Facebook have many, many complaints. It is human nature to at times have a good bitch and moan. Some though have obsessive mentalities and mental health issues and carry it too far.

21st Century Education has 550,000 clients in 17 different countries.

If 90% we’re satisfied which is a massive success rate most companies would aspire to  that would leave 10% or 55,000 dissatisfied clients who may complain online.

However there isn’t even 10% nor even 1%. It’s estimated from research conducted that less than 0.5% of clients making some kind of complaint out of 550,000 and those who have a mental disposition to sit on forums with the sole purpose of venting there insides in obsessive hate are less than 0.01% or less than 100.

In some cases we have found that some of these instigators are not even clients but bored people with mental health issues or competitors and so called consumer advocates running scams, Real clients could complain in legitimate ways and have their issues resolved or go request a professional arbitration to resolve any dispute yet many have simply complained directly online or to government departments without providing the company a chance to handle the complaint. Rather than handle an actual complaint and have it resolved civilly these people are simply about causing harm as though they hold a patent on the truth.

Of course some of the clients are simply clients from hell that no one would want to deal with. In some cases security and the police have had to be notified about some abusive clients in order to protect other customers and staff. This though is the world we live in and many, many businesses have to deal with similar issues.

Many clients have genuine complaints or reasons to request a refund and if they qualify for a refund based on the previously agreed terms, then they receive a full refund. Many of the falsities being spread are simply extrapolations based on hearsay without any genuine, specific knowledge of actual cases of client discontent. Many are also from clients who despite signing risk disclosures and terms and conditions later think that they have some kind of immunity from consumer law and that if they threaten to cause defamation and make complaints to innumerable government bodies and of course the most common; complain to gutter trash journalistic shows like A current affair and Today Tonight that the company will pay them money.

Anyone studying Jamie McIntyre’s teachings would know he clearly states if you can’t handle losing money then you should never invest as investing means you are likely at times to lose money and especially if you don’t get educated. Many of these lessons are over looked by the ‘get rich quick, blame seeking crowd’ who run from one course to another, never actually completing any properly, but then love to blame others, bitch and moan online rather than be responsible investors. On investigation many of the clients making serious complaints and spreading falsities online never attended any of the workshops provided (or attended only 25%) and did not complete the courses before going out into the world and investing. Our research has shown that this type of person is likely not to be successful in investing until they realise that hard work and dedication is required to succeed in anything and that a gambling mentality is an investors worst enemy.

Jamie teaches general fundamental wealth strategies but does not provide specific advice to anyone as everyone is in a different situation and has different capacity for risk, different financial circumstances, differing levels of intelligence etc… Some of his fundamentals include buying at least 2 investment properties within ten years which historically has shown the potential is there to make close to a Million dollars in 10 years. There is a lot more detail to this however and that is why in depth courses and professional services are provided. Those who skip over the details however, simply looking for the prize, never achieve their desired results.

This is a simple strategy and many Australians who have done this have achieved great success and improvement in net worth over the past 20, 30 or even 50 years. This is not to say that property prices will always continue to increase in Australia nor is it saying that it doesn’t matter where or when you buy, however with the right education from those who have achieved great success and utilising quality professionals it is possible and indicators for Australian property continue to be very positive.

Jamie also previously taught a simple strategy that can work in many market conditions in the share market. He coined the phrase ‘Share renting’ although technically it isn’t possible to rent shares but it helped the average Joe understand that it was possible to own a share and sell an option on it and receive a premium and in many cases when the option expired you would still retain the share and keep the premium likening the option premium to having received some rent from an investment property. This simple terminology allowed many Australians to then seek further advice and enter the stock market with many writing to the company to share their successes. Such extra cashflow helped compliment many investors capital growth property investments.

Jamie also teaches how to grow business, use internet strategies, how to negotiate pay rises, how to eliminate debt and much more. etc… These are all sound, common sense and effective strategies if done correctly.

There are so many variables in investing that it is probable that at some point you will lose money. If there was no risk there would likely be no reward. Many investments require elements of speculation, especially higher risk investments that utilise lots of leverage. Many people accept such risks and learn from the knocks. It is unfortunate however, that in Australia, there are those who do not take responsibility for their decisions, have a false sense of entitlement and love spitting the dummy, blaming anyone else but themselves, including someone who they haven’t even met. This kind of behaviour is juvenile and destructive yet many government bodies support such behaviour, forming bias based on misleading complaints.

Another reason these internet haters and consumer advocacy scammers use to justify why Jamie McIntyre is a scammer is because his program’s are expensive.

Jamie says “maybe they are, but compared to what?

University is expensive and we are marketed too since early childhood that we should do well at school, go to Uni and get a good Job and then our lives will be successful.

If you don’t use your Uni degree then whose fault is that? If you don’t show up to class and fail your courses, whose fault is that? If you do your best, even pass your course, get your dream job but still end up miserable, frustrated and broke at age 40 then whose fault is that? Point being, universities market a promising career and life by doing their courses but they are not taking responsibility for your life. This is in your hands.

Also what is the cost of ignorance? Jamie would say that it is much higher than those who become educated, especially those who learn from successful people rather then just from someone with academic knowledge.

Also for most courses there is a 100% money back guarantee so why not get ask for a refund within the written terms agreed to, rather than complain online.

21st Century Education also gives away millions in education for free, in the form of DVDs, ebooks, seminars etc…So if one can’t profit in some way, even if it is just in emotional and financial intelligence, then maybe they should simply consult a financial planner and pay commissions on an investment for the rest of their life and really discover how to lose money.I.e. Storm Financial.

You can get what’s taught on his courses free online is another mis-truth spread on the hate site.

Really then why don’t people do that then?

No one has to enrol into 21st Century Education. No one is forced to hand over their credit card to purchase a course. Its a personal choice after all and the program’s aren’t for everyone.

You can google how to play tennis and watch videos online but having Lleyton Hewitt or Roger Federer teach you in a group seminar would be somewhat more valuable and a different experience for example.

No one has to invest in these courses and nor does anyone after doing these courses have to seek out other professionals in order to access the live market/s.

Whose decision is it to invest into courses? Whose decision is it to invest, even in many cases when it is against the advice contained in the courses?

It is the individuals; correct?

For example to do the Eminis Platinum course that was available a few years ago for a limited time; Before purchasing this course clients had to read and sign strict terms and conditions that provided risk disclosures in bold, red print advising that it was an educational course and that if anyone chose to invest then there were risks. Also there was a consumer protection policy created; knowing very well some clients are so absorbed subjectively that it is hard to get through to them. The protection policy made it very clear that any investing they did was their choice but they should invest themselves of all manner of appropriate professional advice before risking only money they could afford to lose,that this was an educational course only and not a get rich quick strategy, they should actually first dedicate themselves to the course and education for at least 1-2 years (This has since been increased by the course providers to 4 years), among other risk disclosures and terms.

The students were also required to do a beginner course first to ensure this was a career path they wanted to actually pursue before they chose to enrol into the advanced course.

Unfortunately despite all manner of documents and teaching frameworks, within less than a year there was a small group who decided not to learn first but instead apparently went to some broker, opened and funded live accounts and when they eventually stumbled and lost some money they decided to blame the course and incite discontent among other students. Unfortunately in Australia it seems that if you are a company you are expected to follow the law and invest plenty of money into maintaing compliant organisations yet some consumers think that it is ok through some self invoked righteous anger to lie, mislead others, defame, attempt blackmail etc..to get their way.

If you complained to a University that less than a year into a four year law course that it was shit because you weren’t yet able to open your own law practice do you think they would be offering you a course refund?

Ironically Jamie himself has made it clear that he doesn’t trade E-minis and never has. He told his clients it’s not a strategy he likes personally but if others wish to do it then get educated and if you invest only invest money you can afford to lose.

Clearly the get rich quick type of people  don’t listen or read about these things.

Other false statements have been made online and even on television about a Forex trading and a 12 month Guarantee product.

This was a  third party program sold under a brand name of 21st Century several years ago.

It offered for a one month period a promotion that if you utilised a trading platform and didn’t double your money then the course fee would be returned plus a thousand dollars. You had to actually attend the course workshops though and study the course content. The company promoting it was perhaps aggressive but they believed in their product. Unfortunately the company didn’t reach it’s goals so 21st Century ensured every client who met the simple terms was refunded plus the thousand dollars on top.

A certain client named Kerry Woods who has a vendetta and has been harassing and spamming clients and staff made a complaint to Today Tonight who ran a story which they pulled quickly not only because it was ridiculous, but the entire story was simply an avenue for a serial defamer to promote his so called and self appointed  consumer advocacy position and to lie directly about Jamie. This man has had an issue with McIntyre for years like he does most in the wealth education industry or who have competing property companies to his own so called ethical real estate practiticioners who receive an arbitrary rubber stamp of morality for a hefty fee.

Kerry Woods, for example was complaining that he signed up to a forex course (a guy who has never met Jamie McIntyre and Jamie has never told to do a forex course) that he lost $10,000.

The program had a 12 month course refund guarantee based on certain Performance along with attending the courses. Woods even stated on television that he was offered a refund yet he refused to accept it (allegedly because of a gag clause). The truth is Woods did not request a refund, he attempted to extort more than 4 times the money he paid to this company by threatening all manner of defamation and falses complaint to such shows as Today Tonight. Naturally 21st Century’s legal team do not side with those using illegal means to try and get money. Woods was also asked to provide proof to the company that he actually made losses along with other things he hadn’t provided for the entire 12 month period, thus breaching the full terms and conditions and the company would still consider offering a refund of the product purchase. Woods refused to provide any such evidence. Still understanding that he wasn’t the most intelligent person on the planet the company offered a refund but because it was not required by the terms and was offered only out of goodwill and because of the threats made by Woods it also required a release to be signed including a confidentiality clause standard in all contract cancellations, Woods would not sign it to accept a goodwill refund.

Instead as time has shown he felt happier to then dedicate his life along with the unscrupulous Darren James to slandering, lying to and misleading anyone they he could get to listen. He spams clients, posts defamatory comments online, abuses staff, and former contractors of the company that supplied the product. The abusive foul language he uses has led to reports being filed against him. He is also involved in many efforts to get people to breach the law and complain to ASIC. He even filed many complaints to ASIC against a company that he was not even a client of.

So the whole episode on Today Tonight was about Kerry Woods and another ex client Darren James of the same mould as Woods making false statements along with a foolish, so called consumer advocate, being used as their expert to provide false and defamatory comments to try and add weight to a story that simply only existed in the vacant spaces between these deluded peoples ears. Of course Today Tonight and other shows of the like subsist on such fabricated hard done by stories and alleged exposes.

Really Woods should stop whinging and trying to gain some purpose in life through obsessively engaging in a deluded and desperate crusade to enrol others into his miserable world of victim hood and playing the blame game.

The other guy aired on Today Tonight, a Darren James, enrolled into 21st Century Education Homestudy Program which, also had a refund period attached to the course. This course had and still does have a 90 day, 100% money back guarantee and never in 15 year history of doing business has anyone who has qualified for a refund ever been refused one.

At one point the course was promoted with an alternate 5 year money back guarantee.

Darren James who lied and misled the public through his defamation and misinformation on the Today Tonight episode was complaining regarding the 5 year refund guarantee; yet records show he had only enrolled less then 3 years prior so he isn’t yet due a refund if he actually qualified.

The other person on the particular episode was a self professed consumer advocate. Today Tonight didn’t mention he has a real estate franchise business that had made a large fortune from decades of making allegations against many real estate agents and what he termed as “property Spruikers”. So you have a man posing as a consumer advocate running false and defamatory stories and articles about others (who happen to be competitors of his business) in order to simply garner him publicity to sell more real estate agents into his franchise system so they could be known as “Ethical Agents “ opposed to all the others who he claims were “crooks”. Seriously what kind of person could even come up with such nonsense.

By now you can start to see the credibility of this guy is clearly in question yet he parades himself and is advertised as a ‘consumer advocate’. What absolute nonsense. Government bodies like ASIC who are government appointed regulators are open to the scrutiny of Senate enquiries yet here a self professed man who allegedly requires 24hr security and bodyguards sues anyone for defamation who dares questions his ‘righteous position’. Having funds acquired from the public for so called consumer advocacy crusades he has ample supply of cash to go on the litigious warpath plus naturally he has the support of his beloved Today Tonight and other shows complicit in this unscrupulous game of portraying the ‘poor me’ or ‘victim’ mentality.

Today Tonight had to admit that their so called independent consumer advocate is in legal battles with Mr McIntyre. Hmmm just maybe that’s why This man is slandering McIntyre; still desperately after more publicity which he has been doing for many years. He is a well known serial defamer.

 Today Tonight also claim: 

None of the 21st Century clients provided were available to provide their success story.

This is blatantly false and Today Tonight are fully aware of their lie. That’s why they have banned the episode being posted on you tube or Vimeo. There is evidence of clients contacted by Today Tonight who have glowing testimonies yet Today Tonight didn’t air them. Naturally such shows want to find the most desperate, obsessive characters like Woods and James and create some drama around people being ‘ripped off’. If the truth was shown then they would have no drama or perhaps no drama that those who actually sit at home watching such shows every night would be interested in. Afterall if you wallow in the mud of victimhood, self pity and apathy then you have little interest in hearing about how by changing your thinking and learning effective strategies to empower yourself you are left without an excuse for why your life isn’t as you would like it.

Some claim that hardly anyone has been successful with 21st Century Education.

This is simply ludicrous

Anyone can go to company websites and read about thousands of testimonies of happy successful clients and watch videos of thousands or read on Facebook the positive feedback.

See www.21stcenturyeducation.com.au 

Plus everyday more and more are sent in from around the world.

The 0.01% who failed (and generally because they quit) like to imagine no one has succeeded to make themselves feel better as to accept the reality that the large majority of clients have transformed their life in many ways including financially, would mean they have to consider their lack of results perhaps lies with someone other then a certain individual they have never met. I.E The person looking at them in the mirror.

By now you can see its pointless exercise rebutting every dumb, nonsensical, and false allegation raised by anonymous online individuals, posted by a scammer that disguises himself as a consumer advocate, jealous competitors, ex staff sacked for non performance or encouraged to move on, or the Kerry woods of this world who get meaning and satisfaction from being a helpless victim trying to encourage others to be the same.

The facts are 21st Century Education has been around for 15 years and is proud of its record and anyone who has a legitimate complaint should communicate with the company direct to achieve resolution and if it can’t be resolved then request professional arbitration.

However in the age of internet trolling we guess it’s easier for some to fulfil their warped need for significance by attempting to pull down others to make themselves feel better. Education particularly a 21st Century Education is the key to prosperity.

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    It is hard to know what is fact and what is fiction these days. the media just feeds us what they want us to read and believe

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    Yes, many do say you know when you have made it when you have haters, unfortunately its part of the package.
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