ABC launches smear campaign against McIntyre

Written by Staff Reporter at 21st Century News
on June 11th, 2014


ABC with its left wing political bias launches a smear campaign against new 21st Century Australia Political Party Founder Jamie McIntyre.

The ABC, which is facing budget cuts and is renowned for its left wing bias, commenced what can only be seen as a planned and targeted smear campaign against the rising popularity of the 21st Century Australia Party, founded by Jamie McIntyre last year.

On Friday night ABC ran a nation wide news story, which may only be perceived as a deliberate ploy to attack a rising political aspirant, who has the money, following and resources to pose a serious threat in the Senate in the next election.

According to a party supporter, “We have the right wing media in the “Australian” newspaper attacking Clive Palmer founder of the Palmer United Party which has become more left leaning as the months go on due to his hatred for Abbott and now we have the left wing media in the ABC and Fairfax attacking McIntyre’s reputation even before his party gets its first chance to run in the 2016 federal election. The party was cheated out of running in the 2013 September election by deliberate interference of an incompetent and non- transparent AEC”.

The actions of the ABC in using lies and deceit in their story on McIntyre, is somewhat suspect especially since taxpayers fund the broadcaster. It may be seen as deliberate interference in the political processes of this country by slandering new political talent and parties, which this country desperately needs.

For example anyone watching the ABC could be misled to believe that dozens of people lost money because of McIntyre.

In our investigation of this matter we discovered facts that contradicted the ABC’s slanderous story.

Thousands of investors lose money every day trading the stock market and derivatives markets. So why would it be a headline and national story that a few people, 3 years ago, who traded the highly speculative futures market allegedly lost some money trading?

Why would Jamie McIntyre be responsible for their losses when never in his life has McIntyre advised a single client to trade specific futures contract?

According to company spokesperson, “McIntyre teaches motivational and financial seminars and has never personally taught futures trading. He has always stated clearly that anyone trading futures (Eminis) should only trade with money they can afford to lose and no more than 5 per cent of their portfolio”.

The ABC was referring to an Eminis program that was run by a former plumber turned millionaire trader who successfully delivered Eminis educational trading programs for over 5 years which was promoted by a McIntyre related company.

The ABC apparently ran the story after receiving some complaints from a couple of disgruntled clients. Upon further investigation it was revealed that one of the complainants, Alicia Koznjak had recently had her case dismissed in the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

According to court documents she had failed to provide any evidence of her claims that the services were not being provided with due skill and care. Moreover, it was was uncovered that even though the course had been providing services to her and was continuing to provide services, it turns out that Koznjak had in fact refused such services in an attempt to deceive the NCAT. 21st Century was found to not have breached any of their contractual obligations.

A 21st Century spokesperson commented that Koznjaks case was similar to a few other cases where a client upon deciding they want a refund, despite having received all of the services, then begins to manufacture any reason they can to try and convince the tribunal to award them with a refund. Of course when it comes to proving the allegations and with defenses provided as seen with such cases, are swiftly dismissed by the tribunal member.

The other complainant apparently had his membership to the course cancelled since he caused serious disturbances to not only the teachers but also other students.

It is interesting that a story such as this, focuses on a couple of cases of false allegations (proven false in the NCAT) yet, why wasn’t the headline: Hundreds make money trading in a course by Jamie McIntyre?

We guess, as our readers might also, that this is not damaging to a person’s reputation and such shows as the ABC’s news story love playing the victim portraying that they are saviors of the consumer affairs arena when in fact they are simply making emotive television and preying on the naïve and easily misled.

The ABC also implied to viewers that a string of McIntyre’s companies had failed. Upon investigation this was also found to be false and fabricated by the ABC.

The ABC only listed 21st Century’s response to a few select questions sent by the ABC journalists on its website but deliberately omitted the consumer protection policy all clients must sign, as this highlights that clients, before trading eminis, were fully aware of the risks, and 21st Century is not responsible if they chose, on their own accord, to trade the market.

Although the ABC claim it is a response to their story, 21st Century was not provided an opportunity to comment on the allegations before the ABC aired the story and nor were they shown the story prior to broadcasting.

We have been provided a copy of this Consumer Protection Policy and include its key points here: (It was also confirmed by 21st Century that both the complainants on the ABC story had in fact signed this before enrolling in the course).

“As a duty to protect consumers¹ interest and as part of 21st Century Eminis Consumer Protection Policy, you must acknowledge the following criteria to qualify enrolling into the 21st Century Eminis program.

1.    Before deciding to invest in Eminis, futures, options or derivatives, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk tolerance. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with Futures trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor before deciding to invest in the live market.

2.   I understand that by enrolling in the Eminis financial education program, my success is NOT guaranteed if I choose to trade the live market.

3.   I understand that to be a successful Eminis trader, I must take a long-term view of the investment to become educated and as such am prepared to invest 12 to 24 months part time into my education.

4.   I understand this is NOT a get rich quick strategy but an educational program to assist me if I chose to trade the live market.

5.   I understand that to be successful, I must adopt the psychology and behavior of a disciplined, unemotional trader, and I must be committed to educating myself on this program.

6.   I understand that the past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results, and as such, I am prepared to accept full responsibility for my trading decisions.”

When asked about the ABC running a smear campaign against him McIntyre’s response was:

“I guess the ABC didn’t like my alternate budget response which included that ABC funding should only proceed on the basis that its political bias must cease, as taxpayers’ money shouldn’t be funding left wing, anti-coalition propaganda and nor should it be used simply to support Labor and the Greens.

Read More about the alternate budget: Click Here

I don’t believe it should be funding right wing propaganda either but it should fund an independent, impartial and non politically motivated broadcaster.”

McIntyre went on to state:

“The country would be better off with the ABC left wing journalists sacked and journalists hired that can write from an independent and impartial point of view”.

He said he expects the ABC and other left wing nutters that work there to continue with their lies and deceit in attacking his reputation.

“Anyone foolish enough to believe anything the ABC has to say is also foolish enough to vote for the Labor Party and economically destroy our country. I was warned politics was a dirty business but I thought the dirt would wait at least until 21st Century Australia had its first senators elected.”

McIntyre said lying journalists could say what they like but it won’t stop him from pouring millions into his new political party to ensure the Labor Party is never, ever re-elected to power again and that Australian voters get a real credible third party alternative to the current duopoly.

“Many Australians only vote labor because they don’t like Abbott and feel they have no choice. We will give them a choice” he said.

21st Century said that they are providing the ABC a week to retract the story and apologise for misleading Australians and defaming Mr McIntyre and the 21st Century brand, before proceeding legally against the ABC.

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