21st Century Education

Our History

In December 1998 Jamie McIntyre decided to fulfil a promise he made to one of his mentors that led to the formation of the 21st Century Group of companies.

The promise was that after producing results in many areas of his life and achieving his goals and dream lifestyle, Jamie would pass the knowledge and strategies he used on to others.

The 21st Century Group has now grown to become a multi-million dollar educational organisation including 21st Century Education as well as a range of partner divisions such as 21st Century Forex, 21st Century Accounting, 21st Century Insurance, 21st Century Property Direct and many more. These companies were founded ultimately to create a one-stop-shop for all people’s personal, financial and investing needs.

21st Century Education has a track record of graduate success of the past 11 years and we are continually striving to ensure our members have priority access to the very latest investment strategies available.

Our Vision

Our vision at 21st Century Education is to change the world by providing a modern day 21st Century Education for life that’s better than school or University and delivered by those with a PhD in Results not just theory

Our Mission

Our mission is to make our clients richer- personally and financially. We are dedicated to providing a real-life, accessible ’21st Century Education’ that inspires, educates and empowers people through our network of services and industry leading coaches.



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